Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you also help clients with Squarespace management even though you focus heavily on WordPress?

A: Yes, I have the same level of experience managing Squarespace websites as well. I just often manage WordPress more because of the learning curve with that particular CMS.

Q: Do you give assistance for clients long term as well for one time services?

A: Currently I am only available for short term services/projects but am willing to discuss long term or ongoing projects and can direct you to the right place.

Q: What type of graphic design work do you offer?

A: At the moment I only have time to offer simple logo or rebrand design services but can refer you to someone who can help with more. I tend to have the client lead in the direction of what they want. I do not come up with any of the creative ideas for logos all on my own because I want the client to be an active part of the process and happy with the result.

Q: Do you build websites from scratch or just manage existing ones?

A: I do both and can give a quote within 3-5 business days of discussing the project through email.