A : Yes, I have the same level of experience managing Squarespace websites as well. I just often manage WordPress more because of the learning curve with that particular CMS.
A : Currently I am only available for short term services and projects but am willing to discuss long term or ongoing projects and can direct you to the right place.
A : At the moment I only have time to offer simple logo or rebrand design services but can refer you to someone who can help with more. I tend to have the client lead in the direction of what they want. I typically do not come up with any of the creative ideas for logos all on my own because I want the client to be an active part of the process and happy with the result. In the instance where a client is stuck, I offer to take the lead on design.
A : I do both and can give a quote within 3-5 business days of discussing the project through email.

What To Prepare Before Getting In Touch

1. Your Content: The most important thing to have ready is your content such as copy and images. Ideally you have logos and other graphics as well but we can talk about those if you need guidance.

2. Your Intentions: Have the nuts and bolts of why you want to put this website out into the world all sorted out. It’s important to have a clear intention and message so visitors to the site can navigate with ease.

3. Your Style: Knowing what colors and fonts you want to use is ideal to have ahead of getting in touch but even having a general idea of what you want with examples of websites you like is helpful. On top of a style direction, make sure you can commit to what we discuss so you are happy with the end result. A design mock up will be sent for approval before we really get into the thick of it.

Web Packages & Additional Services

3 page WordPress or Squarespace site (home/about-services/contact pages)
One on one zoom or phone call to go over details and preferences sent via email
Further instructions will be given on how to send over content (images and page text)
Short tutorial video on the basics of managing your own website if you feel confident enough to do so
Logo Design
Web Page copy
Social Media Set Up/Integration
Extra Zoom Meetings & Brainstorming
Pre Start Customized Website Planning Guide
Unlimited Pages For WordPress or Squarespace
Weekly one on one zoom or phone calls to go over details and preferences (initial details and inquiry must be sent via email before getting started)
Further instructions will be given on how to send over content (images and page text) with additional guided assistance if needed. Short video tutorials available upon request.

***All pricing for custom packages and add on services are based on initial consult. Send an email inquiry with your website needs and as many details as possible for a quote within 3-5 business days.